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Updated on Apr 19, 2018 06:23:44 PM

CRIUS MWC Multiwii Bluetooth Module - iKON...
Multiwii Bluetooth Module for the iKON flybarless controller.

Comes with iKon Bluetooth Crius MultiWii adapter cable television 110mm (IKN607) to connected into your ikon unit.

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DS415M Digital Cyclic Servo

This is the Align DS415M Digital Cyclic Servo.

Faster speed with high torque efficiency, allowing helicopter to carry out with faster and higher precision.
High rigidness, shock resistant metal gears with high strength composite alloy gears with long lasting structure characteristics.
Aluminum alloy mid case construction for immediate heat dissipation, maintaining servo?s high effectiveness.
Supports digital & analog control signal.
Powerful and precise servo, suitable for T-Rex 250/450 CCPM cyclic usage.

Stall Torque:

@ 4.8V: 27.77 oz-in (2.0
@ 6.0V: 33.39 oz-in (2.4


@ 4.8V: 0.1sec/60?
@ 6.0V: 0.08sec/60?

Score voltage: DC 4.8-6.0V
Temperature variety: -20?C~+60?C
Measurement: 22.9x12x25.8mm
Weight: 13.9g
Band: 1520μs basic band

(2) Servo rudder piece
(1) Set screw
(2) Tapping screw for servo 

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Flybarless System with Polarity Protection Feature

Brought forth by MSH - the makers of the 'Brain' - the iKon represents a new leap in flybarless control. Bert Kammerer, in cooperation with MSH, worked relentlessly to fine tune the iKon flybarless controller to perfection. Every aspect of firmware has actually been fine-tuned and enhanced, and in the end, we can say this system merely has no equivalent on the market today. The iKon is ready to alter everything. Prepare for the iKon - it's prepared for you.

Vibration Resistant - Bad Vibes Goodbye.
Simply put, gyros dislike vibration, when a flybarless system is sensitive to vibration, this has a direct influence on flight efficiency. The iKon flybarless unit uses brand-new vibration moistening innovation to isolate vibrations and put them in their location. This leads to rock strong flight with absolutely nothing however real, direct flight efficiency that you can see and feel.

Simplified Setup - The Wizard is Here.
Nothing is more annoying, discouraging and time consuming than fumbling with handbooks, setup videos and tech assistance when it pertains to correct flybarless setup. No more - the wizard takes control. Utilizing an easy to follow and fuss free setup, the iKon takes a simplified approach to flybarless setup, allowing you to invest less time tuning and more time flying - simply the method it must be.

Car Level Technology - This is It.
That sickening crash can now be put behind you with auto level innovation. For anyone still finding out the basics, or those pushing brand-new 3D limitations, the auto level innovation built within the iKon will revolutionize the method you fly, allowing you to press the limitations with less danger of crashing. This innovation is one of the numerous reasons that make the iKon so special, allowing a recovery from any orientation, no matter if the airplane is ideal side up or upside down. Unlike other "bail out" technologies, the iKon "knows" how the airplane is orientated, allowing a best side up recuperate each and every single time. Even more, with auto level innovation, the airplane will stay level, allowing those very first couple of training flights to be genuinely remarkable - in a great way.

Satellite & S-Bus Ready - It's Your Choice.
Allowing the benefit of satellite innovation, the iKon supports Spektrum DSM2 & DSMX satellite receivers, in addition to S-Bus innovation by means of Futaba. On the Spektrum side, (2) satellite ports are offered for maximum redundancy & course diversity, suited for helicopters 500 sized and greater.

Built in Guv - Set Your Speed & Flight Mode.
Utilizing a transmitter selectable guv, the iKon brings compact flybarless innovation to every level of the helicopter, allowing you to call because best rotor speed that fits your design, all at the flip of a switch. Incorporating a selectable (3) switch flight mode program, the iKon permits you to call in your helicopter with fully adjustable flight mode specifications to get the absolute best from every flight. No more ancillary devices required on your machine - the iKon manages everything.



34mm x 29mm x 14mm (LxWxH) / 13g Weight


Nitro and Electric Compatible

Receiver Assistance:

Futaba S-Bus / Double Spektrum DSM2 & DSMX Ports/ Hitec

Cyclic Servo Assistance:

Up to 560Hz

Tail Servo Assistance:

760uS/ 1520uS with up to 560Hz Frequency

* Most current Gyro Technology for Superb Performance
* Vibration Cancellation Technology
* Easy Setup by means of Built In Wizard
* Separate Receiver Assistance, Futaba S-Bus & Spektrum DSMX & DSM2
* Double Spektrum Satellite Ports for Maximum Path Diversity
* Built In Guv
* (3) Flight Modes Readily available - Transmitter Adjustable by means of (3) Position Change
* Car Leveling Technology
* Firmware Updates Available by means of PC
* Flight Mode Status LED Light
* Onboard Mini USB Adapter

Consisted of:
(1) iKon Flybarless Flight Controller
(1) Adhesive Vibration Isolation Installing Pad
(1) USB Adapter for PC Programs

So how does it compare to other units? (From RCHeli Country Review)

"As most of you understand the majority of my flying has actually been on either a BeastX or a V-Bar, so these are the units I will be straight comparing to the iKON. I will start with the BeastX. In my opinion, the iKON is method ahead of the BeastX in terms of flying characteristics and the features it offers. Please don't think I am stating the BeastX is a bad unit. It fits, It is simple to setup and will fly great ideal our of the box, which is great for anyone who wishes to keep it basic of for those simply beginning with flybarless. Once you advance enough to the point where you desire more features though, I feel the iKON is a great next choice.

Now for the big one, comparing it to my V-Bars. In the end, in my mind I now consider these units to be…wait for it…equivalent! In terms of the software application used for programs, the V-Bar is the clear winner, however taking a look at the flight efficiency and features, the decision becomes much more difficult. When comparing the efficiency in terms of cyclic and tail I would say these units are so close it is difficult to even inform them apart when flying them. They both provide you a really precise locked in feel, and are very tunable for all flying designs. Both can be tuned to the point where there are no negative tendencies. For people who fly faster then me, this argument may not be true, however this is exactly what I discovered.

Now, when it pertains to features I need to say the iKON is the winner for me. It has an internal guv, which is simple to wire given that there are so many ports on the unit…not the case with the Mini V-Bar. Due to this I have never ever even used the internal guv on the Mini V-Bar given that it is unworthy the electrical wiring catastrophe this develops. The final thing is the bailout. There is no competitors, as the V-Bar does not have a similar function. When you combine all of this with the substantially lower price of the iKON, in my opinion, the iKON comes out equivalent if not a little ahead of the V-Bar."

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