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Model: Pulse PLU45-37004
Dist. #: PLU45-37004   SKU: PLU45-37004

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Updated on Jul 16, 2018 11:42:56 AM

Lipo 3700Mah 14.8V 45C- Ultra Power Series...

Pulse Ultra Batteries - Power Redefined.Pulse Ultra Batteries have actually redefined the RC battery industry, with a goal to offer the outright pinnacle in lithium battery innovation. After several years of impressive success, Pulse Ultra batteries have actually measured up to their name in the RC industry, providing huge power & efficiency at cost levels just unusual with a battery innovation of this ability. Dedicated within the RC helicopter industry, in addition to a quick improvement in the plane & multi rotor segment, Pulse has rapidly become the choice of professional level pilots and beyond, filling the flight line with pilots of all skill levels & needs. Equipped to carry out, Pulse Ultra is the brand pilots look for, and when compared with other battery produces in the marketplace, Pulse continues to offer levels of quality, efficiency and power that overtake all others.Offered in a myriad of cell counts, capacities, C ratings and size varieties, Pulse Ultra batteries are set apart by 5C charge rates, large selection for all good manners of aircraft, high quality building and construction, and a credibility that is true to form. Broadening even further, Pulse Ultra provides dedicated batteries for receiver applications, transmitter applications, plane applications, and multi rotor applications as well.Living as much as the intrinsic quality Pulse Ultra is understood for, each Pulse Ultra battery is geared up with a (90) day producer guarantee at the time of sale, showing how severe Pulse is committed to quality. For the supreme choice in battery innovation for helicopter, multi rotors, plane applications and more, Pulse Ultra lithium polymer batteries live up to their name, seen by numerous within the industry as the best in lithium polymer power.* Real 5C Charge Rates* Myriads of Voltages, Capacities & C Ratings* 15C / 25C / 35C / 45C / 65C Layouts for High Power Demands* Big Multi Rotor Loads Matched Particularly for Multi Rotor Demands * Numerous Plane Battery Applications Available* Transmitter & Receiver Pack Options* Big AWG Electrical wiring for Maximum Power Applications* Market Basic JST/XH Balance Taps* 90 Day Manufacturer Guarantee from Point of Consumer Purchase


Cell Count: FOUR
Capability: 3700mah
Discharge Rate: 45C
Charge Rate: 5C
Dimensions: 136mm x 40mm x 31mm  (LxWxH)
Weight: 408g

LiPo Security, Warnings & GuidelinesPlease be sure to read and fully comprehend the below security guidelines associated with Pulse Ultra Lithium Polymer batteries, and also be sure to pick the below link for a complete / total description of all needed security guidelines for all Pulse Ultra LiPo based batteries.Pulse Ultra Total Security Document - Please Click HereProduct Note The majority of Pulse Ultra batteries do not had pre-soldered leads, although select few Pulse Ultra batteries in popular sizes do have pre-soldered leads. Please be sure to pick the battery adapter of your choice for proper usage of this LiPo battery.Limited Guarantee Pulse Ultra Batteries feature a (90) day guarantee versus any faulty batteries made, and guarantee all producer related problems or defects within the noted (90) day guarantee period.Pulse Ultra insures that all packs are properly stabilized, however please be sure to examine your Pulse battery upon arrival for any faults, such as low voltage, cell imbalances, circuitry related issues, or any other such problem. If any such defects develop, Pulse Ultra will be sure to cover all claims for batteries acquired within the (90) day duration. All guarantee declares after the (90) day duration of purchase will not undergo guarantee, so please be sure to thoroughly inspect your new Pulse battery upon arrival. In terms of guarantee, if any guarantee related issues develop, or item defects are seen, please contact the supplier / supplier your Pulse battery was purchased from, as the supplier will manage guarantee related matters. Pulse Ultra Batteries – Your Concerns End Here. Have a question concerning Pulse batteries? We have actually put together a spread of concerns that are commonly inquired about Lithium Polymer batteries, along with Pulse batteries as well. Of course, if you don't find your response here, don't hesitate to drop us a line, as we are constantly happy to help. Q: What is a "C" score, and what does it suggest to me? A: "C" ratings are classified in (2) areas – discharge rate, and charge rate. Pulse Batteries range from 15C, 25C, 35C, 45C, and 65C in discharge rates – this is based upon how much amperage can be delivered, or in simpler terms, how much power your battery has to give. The higher the "C" score, the more power the battery can offer. When it comes to the charge rate (omitting receiver & transmitter battery applications), Pulse batteries are ranked at 5C, which suggests they can be charged 5 times faster than a standard 1C Lithium Polymer battery. In other words, Pulse batteries can be charged at really high rates of power for rapid charge times, eliminating the wait time of traditional batteries that are limited to 1C. Q: What is mah, or capability, in terms of Pulse batteries? A: "Mah" short for milliamp hours, is a reading of capability, or how much energy the battery is able to store. Mah, or Capability, directly linkeds to flight time, and indirectly linkeds to power output, as higher capability batteries also have higher amperage to deliver, when asked to do so. Q: How long does it take a Pulse battery to charge? A: Considering Pulse batteries are ranked at a 5C charge rate, if your battery charger can deliver the needed amperage to charge at 5C, charge times can be as low as 15 minutes, relying on the battery charger being utilized. Q: How can I identify the number of amps my Pulse battery can be charged at? A: To identify the number of amps you can safely charge a Pulse battery, a little math is in order. We will utilize an easy formula to identify charge rates - divide the "mah" of the battery by 1,000 (let's state a 2200mah battery), which concerns 2200 / 1,000 = 2.2. Now, increase it versus the "charge" score of the battery, which in this case is 5C. So, in this case, we have 2.2 x 5 = 11. So, if we have a 2200mah 5C battery (2200 divided by 1,000 = 2.2), we have 2.2 as our base number, which we then increase versus the charge score of "5C" which provides us a number of 11 – (2.2 x 5 = 11). What this suggests is that at a 5C score, a 2200mah Pulse battery can being charged at 11.0A amps of power.

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