22 5.0 DC Race Kit: 1/10

Manufacturer Description


The 22 5.0 is the next evolution of the 22™ 2wd buggy platform.
Optimizing the 22 5.0 specifically for dirt and clay tracks, we've been able to
narrow the setup window and maximize performance. The 22 4.0 nailed the rear
end, maximizing adjustment and rear grip for all surfaces, but the Team Losi
Racing® development team knew the 22 5.0 could still be improved.
  Turning focus to the front suspension, we
found a way to make the 22 5.0 significantly easier to drive while still giving
the car more mid-corning steering.
22 5.0 takes the 22 Platform to the next level, and will take to you to the top
of the podium!

You Will Need

- Motor
- Electronic Speed Control
- Servo
- Radio System
- 48 Pitch Pinion Gear
- Charger
- Battery
- Paint
- Tools