Method 2.2 Race Wheel (1.2" Wide) 101 Clear/Black Anodized

Manufacturer Description

Officially Licensed Aluminum Method Race Wheel 2.2 beadlock wheel by Vanquish Products

Compatible with outer Vanquish OMF 2.2 beadlock rings

Based on our popular 2.2 OMF clamp ring bead lock mounting system

Rapid fast tire changes with only 5 screws

Light weight and strong durability design

Grade 5 Stainless Steel hardware

High clearance inner wheel well

Choose multiple offsets to adjust track width Vanquish Products patented wheel hub system

These are a 1.2" wide wheel (1.4" to out side of beadlock rings)

Carefully designed to be a precise scale replica of the full sized Method Race Wheel

Laser engraved Method logo on wheel face


Includes the following:

2pcs Method 2.2 RC Beadlock Wheels

2pcs Aluminum rear beadlock rings

2pcs Aluminum Internal clamping ring

2pcs Outside Black Beadlock ring

74pcs 1-64 SHCS (beadlock ring hardware)

21pcs 4-40 SHCS (SLW hub hardware)


****These wheels are not easily compatible with Pro-Line TSL SX Super Swamper XL 2.2" (Product ID: 10107-14).

****SLW Hubs are not included, so be sure to include SLW hubs in the accessories section below.