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Great Planes Kunai (Great Planes GPMA1816 | GPMA1816)
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Model: Great Planes GPMA1816
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Updated on May 18, 2022 03:00:48 PM

Video Transcription of the Great Planes Kunai
Hi I'm Tim with Vortex Hobbies and today we're going to take a look at the new Kunai from Great Planes.

It's a 55 inch wingspan, electric powered glider, or 1.4 meter, however you want to look at it. It's got the folding props, it's got a balsa wing here. It's not just the ribs, but it's actually a sheet of balsa so it's balsa layered over balsa ribs. So it's a full solid wing.

It's got a fiberglass canopy with carbon tail boom right here, and these are balsa tail fins.

So this kit took me about 2 and a half to 3 hours to fully assemble. It went together really well, super easy to do, most of the time I was just waiting for the glue to dry. It's gluing the two wing halves and gluing the tail fins together.

It calls for a Futaba radio receiver in here with the pins facing forward. I didn't have one of those. What I did was, I had the Tactic radio and I had a standard Tactic 624 receiver. What I did was I took this receiver out of the shell and I just used the interior, put some shrink wrap on and I put it inside the wing.

And I'll take this apart here in a minute and show you. It does fit, it's a little bit snug but we did get it in there and it does fit rather well and the Tactic does power it very well. It gives us the option to run flaperons, independent ailerons, all the adjustment you need. It's a great radio that you can program really well and it's paired very well with this airplane.

This has got a removable hatch with is held on with an earth magnet and it takes a 3-cell LiPo which I've got in here. It's a tight space but you can get him in there.

This is a 1300, it recommends I believe for like about an 800 to a 1300, something like that. I got 1300, I want a little more flight time. So I got it in there, it's tight but it is in there.

So let me go ahead and take this wing off and I'll show you that receiver and how I did get it to fit and then we'll go out and do a test flight with it.

This is held on by a screw in back here and it's got a pin up front. So we simply unscrew it, take out this, the wing will slide right off.

So what I did here, don't know if the camera can see, is there was extra wire here. Because this thing does not have very much room inside the fuselage I tucked those up. When I'm ready to put it in I tuck the extra wire up into the wing so that it's not down here inside the fuselage.

I don't know if you can see that inside here, if you look at that receiver right there you can kind of see how I kind of tucked it down here at the bottom with the pins facing upward and just plugged in the servos and the speed controller right like that.

Now what's kind of cool is I needed channel 1 and channel 6 on this to operate the ailerons, to make flaperons, number 6 would of kind of hit right in line with my push rod there so I actually put the aileron on channel 5. Went in and mapped channel 5 on the radio, which gave it a really nice fit. Just shows you how versatile that little radio is.

So let's put this back together and let's go out and see how she does in the air.

[Footage of Test Flight - No comments]

Well, all in all it's a pretty fast little flyer. You get it up there, I shut off the motor as it would catch the little thermals here and there, I like it.

I think it's going to be a fun little plane.


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