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E-Flite UMX Turbo Timber BNF Basic (E-Flite EFLU6950 | EFLU6950)
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Model: E-Flite EFLU6950
Dist. #: EFLU6950   SKU: EFLU6950

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UMX Turbo Timber BNF Basic...

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E-flite UMX Turbo Timber BNF Basic

Scaled down from the famous Wood® 1.5m, the E-flite® UMX™ Wood was the iconic ultra micro design best-equipped for amazing STOL (Short Remove and Landing) adventures and beyond…until now. The UMX Turbo Wood updates the initial style with a modern-day turboprop-styled nose and 3-blade propeller, plus a higher-power 3400Kv brushless motor. When utilizing the exact same TWO 280mAh batteries, this Turbo version supplies even better STOL efficiency with shorter departures and faster climbs up. You'll also enjoy severe aerobatic capabilities and have the power to hover, then climb out vertically. In the hands of experienced pilots, the UMX Turbo Wood can be flown in more locations — even off of water with the optional floats (sold individually) — and in smaller spaces. Plus its high-wing configuration and special optional-use SAFE® Select innovation supply lots of stability to make the UMX Turbo Wood a fantastic option if you've mastered flying at least one design before. This makes it a design that basically every pilot, from low-time to long-time experienced alike, should own since everyone will enjoy flying it!


Amazing Short Remove and Landing (STOL) plus sport and aerobatic flight capabilities

Uniquely capable and versatile so it can be flown in more locations and smaller spaces

More effective 3400Kv motor for the power to hover and climb out vertically

Upgraded turboprop-styled nose, 3-blade prop and trim scheme

Upgraded landing equipment style to secure fairings to fuselage

Functional large flaps for shorter departures and landings

Industry-leading Spektrum™ 2.4GHz DSMX® innovation

Easy to fly with optional-use SAFE® Select flight envelope defense

Unmatched stability and locked-in feel of AS3X® innovation for smoother flight efficiency

Optional-use leading edge slats for enhanced STOL and sluggish flight efficiency

Functional and factory-installed LED landing, navigation and strobe lights

Optional floats for flying from water (sold individually)

Completely factory-assembled and ready to fly right out package

At the heart of the iconic UMX™ Wood® design's development into the UMX Turbo Wood® is the addition of a 3400Kv motor and a 3-blade prop. Always called and still an easy-to-fly, smooth handling, STOL (Short Remove and Landing) capable aircraft, it now has the thrust — with the exact same TWO 280mAh batteries — to hover and climb out vertically. It can also carry out inverted flight, knife edge, snaps, spins and other sophisticated aerobatic maneuvers with ease. Functional large flaps, plus optional-use leading edge slats, provide enhanced STOL and sluggish flight efficiency. Equipped with large tundra-style wheels like its predecessor, the UMX Turbo Wood can take off and land on lawn and other rough surface areas better than ever before due to the updated landing equipment style that protects the fairings to the fuselage. Experienced pilots can fly it inside in spaces as little as a single basketball court, and almost anyone who's mastered flying at least one other aircraft before can fly it successfully outdoors in big yards, little parks, sports fields, at RC flying fields and many other locations. Install the optional floats (sold individually) and you can include big swimming pools, little ponds, and lakes to your flying website options. Consisted of LED landing, navigation and simulated strobe lights contribute to the fun and make it possible to fly from earlier to even later in the day. Best of all the UMX Turbo Wood gets here 100% factory-assembled — and is ready to fly as soon as you bind the set up Spektrum™ receiver to your compatible transmitter!

Needed to Total

Full-range 6+ channel Spektrum DSMX®/DSM2® compatible transmitter

TWO 7.4V 200–280mAh LiPo with JST-PH Adapter

Compatible LiPo charger

What remains in the Box?

(1) E-flite UMX Turbo Wood® with:

(1) 3400Kv Brushless Motor (set up)

(5) Linear Servos (set up)

(1) Spektrum™ 6-Channel Receiver with brushless ESC (set up)

(1) Product Handbook


More Power

More Power
A more effective 3400Kv motor and 3-blade prop provide an abundance of power with popular TWO 280mAh batteries, including the thrust to hover and climb out vertically.

STOL (Short Remove and Landing) Capable

STOL (Short Take Off and Landing) Capable
The UMX Turbo Wood's wing is designed with features like drooped wingtips, functional large flaps, and to accept optional-use leading edge slats (included) for enhanced sluggish flight and STOL efficiency. These features, together with the lightweight style and high-power brushless motor, make it possible to spring into the air or drift down to land in less distance than any other comparable class design.

Versatile Equipment Options

Versatile Equipment Options

Versatile Gear Options
Fly off of surface areas that are difficult for the majority of models of this size to handle: lawn, gravel courses, dirt trails, paved surface areas — even swimming pools, ponds and lakes utilizing optional floats (sold individually). The updated landing equipment has fairings that are secured to the fuselage and large, tundra-style wheels to take in bumps and supply exceptional prop clearance.

LED Lights

LED Lights
Like the initial UMX Wood, the UMX Turbo Wood comes with realistic-looking LED landing, navigation and simulated strobe lights that are factory-installed and powered from the flight battery.

Completely Factory-Assembled

Fully Factory-Assembled
The UMX Turbo Wood gets here 100% factory-assembled and ready to fly right out of package. It's geared up with industry-leading Spektrum® 2.4GHz innovation that binds to your 6+ channel DSMX®/DSM2® equipped transmitter so you can be flying within minutes of opening package.

SAFE technology

Bind-N-Fly Conclusion Level Advantage
Already own a Spektrum™ transmitter? Bind-N-Fly (BNF) aircraft make entering the air rapidly and with the very best control experience possible much easier than ever. They come out of package with the power system, servos and a Spektrum 2.4GHz receiver set up so all you need to do is bind the receiver to a suitable transmitter, finish any last assembly, and fly!

This Bind-N-Fly Basic design is geared up with a Spektrum 2.4GHz DSMX® receiver featuring AS3X (Artificial Stabilization–3-aXis) innovation that works behind the scenes to ravel the results of wind and turbulence. The result is an increased sense of stability and precision that makes you seem like you're flying a much larger, expertly tuned aircraft.

If this is your first design of its type, or you desire an extra margin of safety while familiarizing yourself with the aircraft, you can allow the optional-use SAFE® Select flight envelope defense innovation developed into the receiver. No programs is required. Merely alter the binding sequence as directed in the manual.

With SAFE Select enabled, you get:

Pitch and Bank Angle Limits
These envelope restricts keep the aircraft from rolling or pitching upside down. They also avoid excessive climb or dive angles.

Automatic Self-Leveling
The aircraft immediately returns to and holds level flight when the sticks are released and in the center position. It's also practical for keeping the wings level during takeoffs/launches and landings.

Easy Change Task—No Complex Programs Required
The simple treatment for assigning a transmitter switch to turn SAFE Select features on and off does not need any complicated programs and takes simply a couple of seconds.

If you don't want to allow the SAFE Select features, simply bind the receiver usually and it will work like a basic AS3X receiver.


E-flite UMX Turbo Timber BNF Basic


Aileron: Yes

Airfoil Forming: Semi-symmetrical, high wing configuration

Approximate Assembly Time: Less than 1 Hour

Approximate Flight Time: 6 minutes

CG (Center of Gravity): 1.1 in (28mm) back from leading edge of wing measured at the fuselage

Charger: Offered individually

Conclusion Level: Bind-N-Fly Basic

Control Throw - High (Ailerons): 100%

Control Throw - High (Elevator): 100%

Control Throw - High (Rudder): 100%

Control Throw - Low (Ailerons): 70%

Control Throw - Low (Elevator): 70%

Control Throw - Low (Rudder): 70%

Elevator: Yes

Flaps: Functional oversize

Flying Weight: 0-250g, 4.8 oz (124g)

Landing Equipment: Wire nose equipment and primary equipment foam wheels

Length: 19 in (483mm)

Minimum Required Radio: 6-channel (sold individually)

Minimum Speed Control: ESC/RX included

Motor Size: 180BL

Prop Size: 3-blade 4.7 x 2.75 in (120 x 70mm)

Receiver: Spektrum 2.4GHz DSMX with AS3X innovation

Recommended Motor Battery: TWO 280mAh w/JST-PH adapter sold individually

Retracts: No

Rudder: Yes

Servos: 5 Ultra micro 2.3g direct long offsetac

Transmitter Variety: Complete

Wing Location: 119.0 sq in (7.7 sq dm)

Wingspan: 27.6 in (700mm)

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