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Model: Atomik 18008
Dist. #: ATKB8008   SKU: ATK18008

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Updated on Sep 24, 2017 12:01:56 PM

Video Transcription of the Atomik Barbwire XL
Hey everybody, this is Tim with Vortex Hobby, and today we're going to take a look at the new BarbWire XL by Atomic. It's their new 24-inch boat that we're going to take a look at and we're going to open up and see what's in the box. And we're going to do a test run and see how well she does in the water. So let's start by opening the box here, see what we got inside.

There's the boat itself. I'm going to set that there for a minute. The other side, so I can get the radio out.

A few little parts in there.

Alright, and in this little cluster foam, we have a 2200 3S 40C Venom Lipo. We also have a battery charger which is right here which can either go to AC or DC. Little adapters here. This is the one that plugs into the wall. We have some instructions. Looks like possibly some stickers in there. And you have these little tubes that go with the boat stand. You just go together here. And this, they give you a little stand to put your boat when you're not running it. Can actually have a nice little place for it to sit. The charger, the battery, the boat. Here we have your little instruction booklet. Just your standard stuff that you see. This is a quick-start guide. You have in here, we have some waterproof tape. This is to go around the hatch so that you can keep water out. You have a little balloon to keep your electronics in. Kinda keep them dry. You have an extra prop. You have a couple of wrenches. And then the box here, we have the radios. So let's get this box out of here and take a look at it.

Alright, so here's the radio system, your standard trigger-style with the steering wheel. It takes four AA batteries. You got your on-and-off switch here. You got your steering adjustments and you got your trim settings and your reverse is up here. So let's go ahead and take a look at this boat and see what it's all about.

So this one's designed off the Barb-wire. They made a 17 inch boat that was very popular. It's a fast little boat. This is a bigger design of that boat. It's supposed to do about 25 miles an hour. It's 24-1/2 inches long, about 6 inches wide. It's got a 30 amp water cooled ESC and it does have an aluminum rudder on it. Pop it open and we'll look inside. Here you can see is the ESC and you see all this water cooling lines come through to keep the ESC cool. You also have a mount right here for your motor. That is water-cooled also, so it draws the heat off the motor and keeps all that heat from building up and keeps your boat running nice and smooth. It's got a little seal right here, it goes around the boat. This seals up against the body here. It's supposed to keep the water out but occasionally it does leak a little bit so they include this tape in here. That tape actually goes around the outside edge. So once you mount it and you lock it, you run a bead of tape all the way around and that kinda helps keep some of the water out. Let's just take it off again. You can see inside here, one of the new designs on this boat because it is a bigger boat, and the last thing you want to do is flip it up side-down and have to go fish for it. They put a little hole right here. This hole you can see there's a cavity right here. So this boat tips upside-down, the hole will start to fill with water creating to be heavy on one side until it rolls over. Your prop gets into the water. You take off. And as the boat goes on, all the water comes back out. So it's kind of a self-riding design that they put it into that so when you're out playing, you don't have to swim for your boat if it does happen to flip upside-down. So the balloon, you can actually take that balloon that comes in the kit. I like to put the balloon around my receiver and keep it as water tight as possible.

So, it's a good looking boat. I'm excited to just take it out for a test run. I love my little Barbwire. So the Barbwire XL is I think is going to be a great addition to the family. So what we need to do is head on to the lake and see how well she does on the water.


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This Item: Atomik Barbwire XL RTR Brushless RC Boat
E-Flite EC3 Battery Connector (2)
Pulse 2250mAh 11.1V 35C - Ultra Power Series

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